Make Calls And Send Messages From Echo Through Alexa App

Echo Through Alexa App

A couple of months back, Amazon has released a new product by the name of ‘Echo Show’. This device has all the features incorporated in Echo tap or echo. Besides this, there is a small screen engrossed on Echo show through which you can enjoy visual feedbacks. In other words, we can say that with the development of this product, it has become possible to send a message or make a video call to person through Alexa app installed.

Let’s discuss it complete function

First of all, the important thing required for this complete system is the ‘Alexa’ app. This app is available on all the major OS platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and Playstore. You can download it on your smartphone after connecting it to the internet.

When you click to open messages on the app, you will be prompted to select the permissions required for accessing the phone contacts and messages. If you don’t want to provide access, then you can click ‘Cancel’.

The Alexa app will now start searching for a new message if any received from any contact. It will send the invitation to the echo devices.

You are now required to verify your number by sending the text message to yourself. You will receive a verification code in it. As soon as you enter the code, your number will get verified.

You will see a conversation screen on the front screen. You can now start talking to Alexa over the screen. To make a call to any contact, just speak the name to Alexa, it will search for the contact and make call automatically. If you want to send push message, then click the mic and record button together. With the help of a virtual keyboard, you can even write the text message or dial phone number from it.

On receiving of any new message or call, you will get notified on the screen. You can answer if you wish. For more information related to calls and message, you can read the online guide from support link.

A green light on the device will start blinking and keeps on blinking when you receive any call until you pick it up. If the call is from the saved contact, then Alexa will pronounce the name as well.

On arrival of a new message, you will get a single sound and green pulse. If you want Alexa to read the message, then click on ‘Play’ or simply speak ‘Read the message’. Alexa will start reading the message along with other important details like phone number, sender details, date and time of receiving a message. If you don’t read this unread message, then it may be read by another member in the household.

If you want to read the message from the device, then you can do so. The message will be exactly the same as the one read by Alexa earlier.

So, whether it is call or message, everything can be easily attended through Echo device if all the things are configured in proper order. You can read the same messages from Alexa connected smartphone or Echo device. If you want to disable messages or notifications related to calls and messages on any device for the temporary time period, then you can do so with the help of Alexa app.

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