How To Troubleshoot Amazon Echo Issues With Bluetooth Device?

Amazon Echo With Bluetooth Device

Amazon Echo was an idea and model of largest online E-commerce Company, Amazon. This device is a voice-assisted device that works on speech recognition technology. A virtual assistant, ‘Alexa’ replies to all your commands and queries through inbuilt speakers. Before starting with the chat, you just need to have Amazon Echo configured with Alexa. If it is not, then Alexa will not respond to any of your queries.

To commence the setup, you need an internet connection for connecting the Echo to it. You can use your home Wi-Fi network for this purpose. You need a smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled the device to connect to it. The Echo device will then fetch the information from your smartphone and reply to your commands through it.  For any information, you can contact Amazon echo support.

The most important feature of Echo that we can’t leave unexplained is; ability to connect to external speakers through Bluetooth. If you want to enjoy music at home then you can connect the external home theater through Bluetooth technology. However, there are certain users who have knowledge of this feature but facing problem in connecting the external speakers to the Echo. So, today we are going to troubleshoot this problem. You will be able to fix this problem on your own after reading the steps given below.

The troubleshooting steps which we are going to discuss with you are same for other voice assistant models like Echo dot, tap or Echo show. If you are using any of these devices and facing problem in connecting the speakers through Bluetooth, then keep reading this page. You will be able to fix the problem on your own without requiring anybody’s help.

To enjoy the beats and live music of the movie, you can connect your home theater to the Amazon echo. However, your hard work may end in vain if no sound is coming from the speaker. Now, we are going to discuss the possible reason for this problem along with the best potential solutions. You are required to pay close attention to the steps.

  • The distance is maximum: If you placed the Echo and the wireless speakers at distance more than 30 feet, then you will face the connection problem. Your Bluetooth technology will never work at this distance. You need to move the devices closer to each other. Only then you can connect the speakers to the Echo. Check speakers before connecting them to the Echo.
  • Bluetooth still off: If you forgot to turn on the Bluetooth from your Echo or from Home theater, then you will find a problem in listening to the output through external speakers. So, you must pair both the devices first before playing any music or content.
  • Faulty Bluetooth: Rarely, you will find this problem on your Amazon Echo. A faulty Bluetooth system won’t allow you to connect any Bluetooth device to it. In such cases, you can contact Amazon Echo support or go to nearby Amazon store for replacement of the product.

So by implementing the above-mentioned steps, you can troubleshoot the Bluetooth issue on your Amazon Echo device. For further help or assistance, you can contact Amazon Echo support.

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