How To Connect Amazon Echo With SmartThings Hub?

Amazon Echo With SmartThings Hub

Echo is a smart voice assistant developed by Amazon. Amazon Echo is packed with incredible features to make small but crucial tasks easier for people.

The role of a voice assistant is not just to respond to the instructions of the users, but provide them with smart and most relevant answers. Amazon Echo exactly does that, as it responds quickly and provides people with suitable alternatives as well. Let me give you an example of how the smartness of Amazon Echo will come in handy for users.

If you want to listen to a song and you think it is your storage device, but actually, it’s not, even then, you tell Alexa to play the song. So, instead of turning down your request, it will respond to your request like this, ‘I’m unable to find this song in your storage device, would you instead like me to find the song from the web and play it’. The ability to provide answers in such a way is truly amazing, which is why Amazon Echo has a definitive edge over other voice assistants that are available on the market.

Amazon Echo is a complete device and you don’t have to add anything to further enhance it. But, there is one way of expanding the horizon of your home automation, i.e., by getting SmartThings Hub. If you are serious about giving your house a much-needed boost, then you can add SmartThings Hub to Amazon Echo.

However, you need to keep a few things in mind before you could finally make the connection between SmartThings Hub and Amazon Echo. You must have a router at home, properly installed and in a working condition. SmartThings will be hardwired to the router, but you can also make use of a managed switch. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while using a managed switch is that it isn’t hooked onto the Wi-Fi. Having a router is not going to make SmartThings work, but you will have to ensure that the hub gets a way back out to the internet in order to operate properly. If you are looking to connect the hub to a switch that is wired to the router, then that method may not work. You will have to wire SmartThings Hub with the router to make it work.

The only way of making Amazon Echo interact with SmartThings Hub is via Cloud. The cloud service of both Amazon Echo as well as SmartThings Hub will be connected together in order to allow data sharing. There won’t be any interaction through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so don’t even try to do that. The working of Amazon Echo and SmartThings is not linked to each other in any way. If there is any interaction, then it will take place outside of the network.

You will have to set the device up and after that, the interaction is going to take place through cloud service, and you don’t have to make any changes to the setup of Amazon Echo. The moment you see Amazon Echo and SmartThings connected together via Cloud, you are going to see things becoming easier for you out of the blue. That is the true power of smart automation.

If there is any problem in connecting Amazon Echo with SmartThings, then you will have to take help of Alexa Echo Dot Setup in order to find the right process of connecting Echo with SmartThings Hub.

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