How Can You Send Messages And Make Calls Through Amazon Echo?

Calls Through Amazon Echo

With the majority of people buying Amazon Echo to carry out small yet important tasks, it becomes important to make them familiar with two of the most useful features that they can perform using Amazon Echo.

While it is easy to book a cab, movie tickets, check shopping list and weather etc., using Amazon Echo, but I want to ask you if you are only interested in using the device for these tasks? If yes, then you are not using the device to its full potential. You have the ability to make calls and send messages with your Echo. These features can also be used if you are only using Alexa app, not Amazon Echo. If you have Alexa app installed on your mobile device, then you will be able to make calls and send messages.

You can carry out these tasks by making use of Amazon Echo’s voice control. Just say, ‘Alexa, send a message to Bobby’, or just say, ‘Alexa, call Dad’, and you will see the action taking place smoothly without touching your phone. Your voice is good enough to get things done for you.

To make a call using Alexa app, you can just open the app followed by selecting ‘speech bubble’ from ‘Menu’ options, which you can easily find at the bottom of the screen. Once you do so, you will see calling and messaging menu on the screen, so it is now up to you to choose the option.

You will now see a ‘person’ icon in the top right corner, so just select that icon and it will open up a list of your contacts. Find the contact that you are looking to call and then, select their name. You will see the contact’s name, contact number and three icons that correspond to the messages, calls and video calls. The option to video call depends upon whether the person you are looking to video call has a video-enabled Echo device, i.e., either Echo Show or Spot.

You can select a message in order to start a text conversation, or if you are looking to make a call, then select ‘call’ icon. You need to make sure that you have a properly working internet connection to carry out either of the tasks successfully.

After you’ve sent the message, it’s time for your recipient to check the message on his/her device, which could be Amazon Echo or Alexa app. When the message is received, Amazon Echo will display a light.

You can also drop in the contacts on your Amazon Echo. If you are using multiple Echo devices, then you can convert the smart speaker of those devices into a two-way intercom system. In a similar way, you can ‘call’ a contact or ‘drop in’ a contact on the speakers, and allow that contact to do the same.

When you drop in a contact on your Echo, you will receive a warning light just before the microphone kicks in. It is going to take a few seconds to connect, and you will hear a tone being played on the target speaker before the activation of the microphone. Once the volume is turned up, you will receive a warning along with a warning light on Echo right after the activation of drop-in feature.

If you have a speaker, but you are not looking to drop in on the speaker, then go to ‘app’, then, ‘Alexa Devices’ followed by ‘select the speaker’ and finally, set ‘Drop in’ to ‘Off’ under ‘Communications’ heading.

If you are looking to keep the speaker temporarily away from the drop in functionality, then you can choose ‘Do not disturb’. In order to do so, make use of your voice commands or do the process manually by launching Alexa app, then selecting ‘Alexa devices’ followed by ‘select a speaker’ and at last, turning on ‘Do not disturb’ feature.

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