Getting Problem with Amazon Echo Mic? Here’s the guide

Amazon Echo Mic

Are you getting the problem with voice assistant ‘Alexa’ in your Amazon Echo model? If your answer is yes, then this is due to the problem with the mic engrossed in your Echo device. Mic issues are very prevalent in Amazon echo product. Considering this problem, we are going to provide troubleshooting guide through this post.

If Alexa is not being able to hear you properly, then you can try the below mentioned steps.

  1. Reboot or reset your Echo: To reboot your Echo, you need to unplug the device from the wall. If this solves your problem, then it’s well and good, otherwise, perform resetting function on your echo device. When you perform reset function, it will come to its original state or to the default settings which were configured when you unpacked your device. After reset, you have required to set up the device again on your smartphone. For any support or help, you can go to Echo support link.
  2. Disable Mic temporarily: If your Alexa encounters an audio problem, try fixing all problems by disabling mic for some minutes. To disable mic of Echo, dot and tap press the mic on/off button given on the device top. When the light on mic button turns red, it means mic is now muted. To unmute the mic, you need to press the mic button again.
  3. Move your device: This fix may solve your problem. Try to change the place of your Echo from the one corner to another. If you have placed your Echo near to A/C unit, open window or in an open where other sources of noise are available, your Alexa will find the inability to understand your voice. So, always try to place Echo at quite
  4. Change the direction of Echo: If possible, change the direction of your echo to that particular side in which the mic faces towards you directly. Most of Echo models come with an array of Mic on the top so, it can easily pinpoint and break into one who is speaking. On the downside, this function sometimes works and sometimes not.
  5. Test the direction in which Alexa is listening: Test the direction in which Alexa is listening to the voice. When you command something to Alexa after wake-up word, the blue light brimmed on the speaker turns to Cyan and it points toward the one from whom it is listening. If it is not you, then it means Alexa is catching someone else’s voice.
  6. Check if your Echo is updating: For your knowledge, we want to mention here that your echo will start updating the software installed on it if a new update is available. So, while updating the device, you won’t be able to communicate with Alexa properly. Wait till the installation gets completed.
  7. Return your Echo: After implementing the above mentioned steps, if the Alexa is still not listening to your commands properly or not getting you in a first try, then the best thing to do is Replace your Echo from or visit local Amazon If your product is under warranty, the team will replace the product free of cost.

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