Five Best Skills in Amazon Alexa app

Amazon Alexa app

Once you have setup Amazon Echo in the right way, you need to learn how to use Amazon Echo and Alexa app. There are five skills in particular that you need to pay attention to, which you can find at Alexa Dot Setup website.

  1. AnyPod: You can command ‘Alexa’ to open ‘AnyPod’.

Features: You can go through thousands of podcasts with playback controls like next episode, go back and move further. Easy to use.

Cons: Limited podcasts are available; Alexa may not get the exact podcast you are searching for.

In Concise: This is the best of all podcast skills available for different apps. Apart from this, you have full control over the playback with the ability to play next episode, pause the current or rewind it.

If you don’t find your favorite podcast in the list, you can email your query to They will soon include your podcast in the list. The list keeps on updating daily. The biggest problem reported out by some users is; Alexa sometimes didn’t get what you are trying to search for. Still, this is a reliable and amazing skill for all Amazon Echo gadgets.

  1. Find My phone: Alexa, ‘Please find my phone’

Features: This skill will help you find your lost phone. It also supports mobile calling to other numbers. It is simple and easy to use.

     Cons: Doesn’t always work, and setup is also a bit difficult.

      In short: This is skill is helpful for all those who have misplaced their phone. All you need to do is link your number, account and ask Alexa to find the phone if in case it gets lost. You can delete any number from the app anytime.

  1. Sleep and Relaxation sound: Command Alexa to open ‘Sleep sounds’.

Features: You can play over 50 high-quality sounds in a loop. Good replacement to sound machine. New sounds keep on adding every week.

Cons: Limited sounds available. The quality of sound is also below average.

Summary: There are available best ambient noises like thunderstorm or rain and things like airplane and fire brigade. You can play more than 50 such noises in a loop. You can set the timer for when to start the sound and when to stop it.

  1. Word Master Game: Open Word master game by commanding Alexa.

Feature: One of the best game developed so far. Challenging but amazing to play. Easy to understand.

Drawbacks: Voice recognition problem, Limited vocabulary and some words are not easily recognized. Needs a better algorithm and word selection.

Summary: You will enjoy playing this game, as it is simple to understand. However, you may find a problem with the voice recognition or vocabulary. It is limited. Some words may not bode well.

  1. Capital one: ‘Alexa’ Open Capital one and let me know the account balance.

Features: You can check the account balance at any time. Pay your bills and check the current balance. Check the loan against property and car.

Cons: Security risks are there. Lack of payment flexibility.

Brief: It is a good rated skill available in Alexa app. You can say Alexa has reached the new level of innovation after launching this skill on their platform. The various commands available in the skills allows you to check the balance and last transactions. You can make credit card payments and check the loan taken against properly or car. On the downside, there’s always a security risk, when you get this personal but you can secure it with a personal key. Some users are not being able to link the account to the app or website, so you must consider this point before using the app.

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