Build Your Own Alexa Skills With Alexa Blueprints In 5 Minutes

Alexa Blueprints

A good news for all Amazon Echo owners. They can now build the Alexa skills on their own with the help of recently launched Alexa Blueprints. You can develop family games and stories to narrate it to others with help of Alexa Blueprints. Now, you might be wondering what Alexa blueprint is? No need to look here and there. We are going to tell you about this in details and show you how to build a skill from your Amazon Echo device.

What is Alexa Blueprint?

It is just a medium or you can say platform provided by Amazon to create Skill in simplest manner. All you need to have is Amazon account. Enter the same login details and enter the skills you want to create. You can create skills just like you fill a short form online. There are some pre-defined templates which you can use while creating a new skill.

Let’s start with the steps for creating a new Alexa skill with Blueprint.

  • Select a skill: The very first step to start with is; selecting a skill. After selecting the skill don’t forget to select the category under which it falls. Today, we are discussing quiz skill. So you need to select the same category under category options. Move on to next steps to check the templates.
  • Adding content to skill: Once the skill gets selected, you will be directed to the ‘Adding content to skill’ page. Here you need to customize the skill according to your choice. If you are using a ‘quiz’ skill and want to add some additional information along with the question or answer, then click on ‘Add a template’ button.

For instance, if you are adding a question in the quiz form that ‘who had won the best actress award in 2012’. Then we know the answer is ‘Sandra Bullock’. But if you want to add some further information in this answer related to the movies in which she has played a role or the movie for which she is getting the prize, then you can add it from here.

  • Edit your experience: If you wish to change the experience is future, then it is possible with the ‘Customization’ feature given on the top right corner of the screen. Click on ‘Greeting message’ and configure your own message from starting. You can add background images, add prize money and other details related to the winner in the quiz.
  • Naming a skill: After completing with the content and skill experience, you can now give a specific name to the skill. As we know that Echo scrutinizes the name in first name first basis, so keep these things in mind while naming the skill. The Echo will open the simple name normally without any problem.
  • Start using the skill: Once the skill gets successfully created, you can start using it by just clicking on ‘Open my skill’ option from the top right corner of the screen. Alexa Blueprint making use of some algorithm will create the skill and prompt you to login to the account again. You will now get directed to the page where you have created your skill earlier.

In case you find any problem in creating or using the Alexa skills, you can contact Amazon Echo support or talk to customer care executives directly by calling a toll-free number displayed on the website. They will guide you in a right and proper manner.

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