Amazon launched a device by the name of ‘Echo’, which is a unique voice assistant that was built to ease up the lives of the people. Amazon, as we all know, is a world-class company that has manufactured a number of extraordinary products in the past. Who could forget ‘Kindle’, the company’s greatest creation so far, but Amazon Echo is also a great product that can help people operate home appliances much easily.

Amazon Echo is a highly advanced and sophisticated device that is going to operate all your home appliances, let it be your music system, lights, fans and any other thing that is connected to Amazon Echo. You have to keep in mind that the lights and fans can only be operated through Amazon Echo if those are connected with a central system, the one known by the name of ‘smart lighting’.

With Amazon Echo installed in your house, you can take a significant control of all the electrical and electronic devices. You can shop online, surf web, read the latest news from your city, country or any other part of the world, etc. Amazon Echo is going to do it all that you want it to do.

Amazon Echo: What it is exactly?

Amazon Echo is a smart and compact speaker, which consists of seven inbuilt speakers, which will catch your voice commands and then, present the most precise results. There are many things at home that are operated with buttons and wires. But, if you have Amazon Echo at home, then all those appliances can be operated with just a single voice of command. You don’t have to reach out to the switches to turn the devices on and off. You just have to give a command, and see your device getting turned on or off instantly. You will have to perform Amazon Echo setup in order to use the device.

Amazon received a great response after launching Amazon Echo, but people were looking for a more affordable product with lesser features. The company listened to the requests of its customers and unveiled two products based on the same technology. Those devices were Amazon Echo Tap and Amazon Echo Dot. Both devices incorporated similar kind of features that Amazon Echo has in the offing. The company powered these devices with different features, thus allowing people to choose the product depending upon their requirements.

Amazon Echo Tap

Amazon Echo Tap is a mid-sized speaker, which looks like Amazon Echo, but there are a few features absent in this portable speaker. But, you are going to get ‘Alexa Speaker’ in Amazon Echo Tap through which you can operate a number of devices.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is another by-product of Amazon Echo that will help you perform a number of tasks that you can easily perform on Amazon Echo. Yet, there are many features that are absent in Echo Dot. But, if your tasks include reading the news, setting up alarms, making calls and so on, then Amazon Echo Dot is perfect for you. In order to use Amazon Echo Dot, you will have to perform Amazon Echo Dot setup first, which involves a few steps that you can find on the official Amazon website.  

Amazon Dot Setup: The Entire Process

  1. Download Alexa app on your device (if using Android smartphone, then go to Google Play Store, if using the iOS device, then go to Apple App Store and if using Fire OS, then go to Amazon App Market).
  2. Turn on your Echo Dot.
  3. Connect Echo Dot to the wireless network.
  4. Talk to Alexa. You need to see the wake word in order to perform Alexa Dot Setup. You can also change the wake word by saying the same, i.e., ‘Change the wake word’.
  5. Connect Echo Dot to an external speaker, but this is an optional feature.

Amazon Alexa: The main ingredient in Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo can’t be considered complete without Amazon Alexa. If you don’t know what Alexa is then, it is the application that you need to install on your smartphone. Moreover, Alexa will act as the wake word as well, which means, you need to speak ‘Alexa’ followed by the action you want the device to do. In order to reach this step, you will have to perform Amazon Alexa setup, which we will discuss in the next section.

How To Setup Amazon Echo?

There is a series of steps that you need to perform in the same order in which they are mentioned below, and you will be able to perform Echosetup.

1. Download Alexa Setup app on your smartphone and then, sign into the app.

You can get Alexa app easily if you are using Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone. Once the app has been installed, you can sign into the app and do whatever you want. You can play music, manage alarms and shopping lists. The app works fine on the latest operating systems, but if you are using an old smartphone, then make sure that the operating system should not be older than iOS 8.0 if using Apple iPhone or Android 4.4 if using an Android smartphone. You can download and install the app on Fire OS as well, but it needs to have a version of at least 3.0. If you want to know any other details regarding Alexa, then you can log onto Alexasetup link.

2. Turn on Amazon Echo

Once the app has been installed on the smartphone, you can turn on the main device, i.e., Amazon Echo by plugging the power adapter into the main power source. As you turn on the device, you are going to see a blue light, which will turn orange after a few minutes. Once it turns orange, Amazon Echo will greet you.

3. Making Amazon Echo Connect to The Wi-Fi network

The next step would be to connect Amazon Echo to the Wi-Fi network. If you want to know more about this connection, then you can log onto echosetup page. You will get all the information regarding how to setup Amazon Echo to the wireless network.

4. Talk to Alexa

The setup process is complete now, and you can say ‘wake word’, i.e., ‘Alexa’ and then the command. The company has defined ‘Alexa’ as the wake word, but if you want some other word to be the waking word, then you can change it by going into the Alexa app settings.

Amazon Echo Plus Setup

This is a newer version of Amazon Echo, which is bigger and better than the original Amazon Echo. To set it up, you don’t have to perform anything special, but the steps that you’ve performed for setting up Amazon Echo can be used to set up Amazon Echo Plus.

This was all about set up process, and if you come across any issue in any of the steps, then you can call Amazon Echo support. They will provide you with the best assistance regarding the issue that you encounter while setting up Amazon Echo.

You have to make sure that the commands you give are clear, otherwise, your commands will be heard in a wrong way and then, it will affect the results you get from the device. There will be instances where you will encounter a few issues, but don’t you worry thinking about those, as you can easily get rid of those issues by calling at Amazon Echo customer service number.

The company has tried its best to create a device that stands out in all the aspects, but there are a few things that Amazon Echo can improve on. If you are thinking of having Amazon Echo and then, replacing all your smart home programs, then that’s a bit too early to make such a decision. The device is good, in fact, it is excellent, but you can’t give a full control to this device. There are smartphone hubs like Insteon, which are still very useful, and Amazon Echo gets connected to such hubs. If you are using such hubs at home, but are not able to connect it with Amazon Echo, then you can call out for Amazon Echo help, as they will assist you regarding this issue.

Working of Amazon Alexa

You are going to love operating Amazon Echo because it is smart, quick and precise. You will not find a better voice assistance device than Amazon Echo. The device incorporates seven microphones, which will allow the device to listen to voices from a good distance as well. Amazon Echo is faster than any other voice assistant that you see on the market these days.

Problems in Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Dot, all three devices are excellent in their operations. They have performed outstandingly well, which is why so many people have opted for these devices. But, it is also true that these devices are prone to technical issues.

Let us discuss a few common issues in Amazon Echo that could halt its operation.

  1. Unable to connect Echo to WiFi network.
  2. Can’t download Amazon Alexa app.
  3. Alexa not connecting with the desired devices.
  4. Problems in logging onto Echo setup page.
  5. Amazon Echo not responding properly to my commands.
  6. Unable to connect Alexa to Bluetooth devices.
  7. Can’t change ‘wake word’.
  8. Unable to connect Alexa to TV.
  9. Can’t stream the streaming devices with Amazon Alexa.
  10. Amazon Echo ring’s blue light doesn’t change to orange.
  11. Can’t hear a sound in Amazon Echo.
  12. Unable to turn on Amazon Echo.
  13. Amazon Echo Tap not working.
  14. Amazon Dot not working.
  15. Can’t hear a sound in Amazon Echo Dot.
  16. Can’t setup Amazon Echo Tap.
  17. Unable to connect to Alexa.
  18. Amazon Echo has become not responding.
  19. Not getting desired outcomes from Amazon Echo despite giving clear and correct commands.

For these and any other issue, you can take Amazon Alexa help and support from a professional. Only, a professional technical expert can help you regarding these issues.